Thursday, September 1, 2011


I am amazed as I look back over this blog to see the progress that has taken place in my life. I now have eyes to see and can see that there were some thinking errors involved in the problems I was having. I realize that it was my victim mentality that kept me stuck for so many years. I am so blessed to have received all the guidance that I have from the Lord and my friends. I can truly say that I have come to know MY Savior. He is real. I have watched the scriptures come to life right in front of me. I spoke with a friend of mine last night about scripture study. I would like to share something that I shared with her last night. My friends, get the message that the Lord is trying to convey when you read. There is always a message. The message oft times has nothing to do with what they story is talking about. For example, I prayed to the Lord about moving to Hawaii a few years back. After telling the Lord my plan I decided to go ahead since I had not received any definitive answer. One night I was in my room alone and I got the impression to read a talk by President Monson. To this day I have no idea what that talk was even about.. but I got the message the Lord was sending to me. He told me, clear as day, that I was NOT to move to Hawaii. Nowhere in that talk was that message written. The principle, my friends, is obedience. If we honestly seek the Lord's will.. He will show it to us. I love that principle. D&C 82:10 "I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say. When ye do not what I say ye have no promise." It is that simple. The Lord wants to show you the mysteries of His kingdom. He wants you to obtain all that he has. Get the message. Is the Lord trying to send you a message right now? I mean right in this very moment as you are reading this.. Listen. The Lord has a plan for YOU. He loves you. Let him bless your life. I love you all. If any of you have something to say, please add your comments. I would love to hear your experiences. No individual's experience is greater than another's. Please do not be afraid to share. You can also share privately to my email ( or if you have a message you would like to send to others but remove your name I believe you can post here anonymously. Look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience about Hawaii. I remember when you were going through that decision and I wasn't sure what made you change your mind... but was glad you did. It is great to see you move forward in life and feel like you are really accomplishing things. I've always been grateful for the times that God has answered my prayers, and like you said -- it isn't always in the way I expect. Look forward to seeing you for the next Boise State game -- or at least we should get some video chatting happening during it :).