Friday, June 19, 2009

Another point for the winning team

So it has been a while since I have written. To all of my followers... all 3 of you.. I am truly sorry. But tonight inspiration has once again filled my heart and mind and I knew it was time to write. So let's start from the beginning... Last night I was laying in bed feeling the temptations of the adversary. I was feeling like there was no hope from escaping the temptations and I would always eventually give in. As I laid in my bed helplessly I prayed to Heavenly Father practically complaining that I am never going to overcome this awful addiction that has beset me for so many years. I told the Lord that I again needed something that was going to help me keep moving on. Something that was going to help me have my heart changed and my desire to do good restored. The answer to my prayer came. The answer to my prayer was in an odd way. But I suppose answers to prayers are not usually all that conventional. On Monday night I was talking with a friend of mine about love and how it has affected my life positively and negatively. She also expressed some of her recent feelings about love and the heartbreak that comes with it. As I listened to my friend talk I decided that something needed to be done. We needed to surround ourselves with good friends. I told her that she and I were going to go on a "super date". We were going to spend the whole day doing things that we wanted to do and not thinking about things we had to do. So we were wanting to plan something for this week, but with schedule conflicts it ended up that we were only able to catch a movie. It was a start. On the way to the movie and as the movie was starting we were caught up in the same conversation that we were in on Tuesday. Just as the movie was about to begin I told my friend that I would rather be where she is feeling pain then to be where I am and feel nothing. Then the movie began. Mind you this movie started at 12:00 am. It was the first showing in this theater and pretty much anywhere in town. My friend was anxious to see this movie. It is called "The proposal". I had no idea that a romantic comedy would be the answer to my prayer. I was riveted. The movie was exactly what I needed. I needed to feel again. This movie provided that for me. I know this sounds crazy, but I was replenished by love. Love is real. It is an intricate part of the Lord's gospel. We are commanded to love one another. I realize that this is quite cheesy... but as far as I am concerned cheesy is good. Again the Lord shows his love in a way that I never expected. Amazing that the Lord knows what we need, when we need it, and how we need it to be delivered. I guess that is another point for the winning team.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Constant reminders

I was thinking today about why it is that we go to church. Why do I even bother? What do I even get out of it? A good friend of mine back a few years ago said that he has a hard time attending church because there just isn't anything new taught. I got to thinking about that today. I had a really great time in church today.. but I didn't learn anything new. In fact is was a pretty basic set of meetings. Bishop talked about the law of chastity and how we need to be better. Sunday school was about temples. Sacrament had a theme related to gratitude and the savior. So why was I so touched and moved? Why did today make a difference in my life? I came to the conclusion that today was great because I was reminded of the goodness of the Lord. I was reminded that the savior died for me. I think the key to leading a successful life is constant reminders that the Lord is there and Christ's atonement is real. I took a walk tonight after my roommate went to bed. I needed to clear my head a bit. As I soaked in the fresh Utah air and listened to some inspiring music the moon caught my eye. I just stared at the moon in awe at what an amazing creation it is. I never cease to be amazed at what the Lord's hand has created. I feel so loved.