Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Raising the Bar: Missionaries to Match the Message"

This entry is to those of you who are missionaries. If you think that you are excluded from this group because you did not serve a mission, think again. A wise man that I respect dearly once gave a talk that I am eternally grateful for. The talk was entitled "Raising the Bar: Missionaries to Match the Message". The man who gave the talk was Ed J. Pinegar. In this talk President Pinegar relates a story in which he was asked, "Where did you serve your mission?" He responded, "Earth. Earth is my mission". I laughed when I heard this because I thought it was cheesy, but he has a great outlook on his life. He is here to serve the Lord. He did not lose the title of "missionary" when he took of his plaque. The name of Jesus Christ was not just pinned to his coat, it was written on his heart. Those of us who have not served full time missions and those who have served full time missions, we are all here to serve a REAL full time mission. We need to have the Savior's name written on our hearts. We need to serve Him in every capacity. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve Him. I love Jesus Christ. He is my master and my best friend. Unfortunately for me I have left His side a few times and for that I have suffered. I am working my way back now and I look forward to serving Him in the temple again. To those of you who are struggling, I want to pass on a lesson that I learned from a wonderful friend of mine. You need to act like a Sister Missionary.. get a blessing.. in fact, get a lot of blessings. The Lord wants to help you, use the resources he has provided. I am grateful for worthy priesthood holders who are willing and worthy to perform these blessings. The Lord is King. I am but a humble servant. You are loved.